It's the month of L O V E! Valentine's Day is a holiday you either love or hate. I personally love it. I love the idea of celebrating love, love the pink and red everywhere, the beautiful flowers and getting dolled up for a Galentine's night out - what's not to love? However, in honor of my new IHEARTME set dropping February 14th I'm focusing solely on ways to show YOURSELF love this month. Check out 10 ways below! 


1. Buy yourself flowers: No brainer! Flowers are in full effect this month. You can find them everywhere. Take advantage and buy yourself some at the beginning of the week. "I can buy myself flowersssssss" *Miley Cyrus voice*

2. Try a new coffee: Ditch your usual order and try a new latte. I personally want to try the limited Valentine's Starbucks drink. The foam is pink! Ahhh. 

3. Go on a hot girl walk: I do this often and I absolutely love turning on my music, getting some fresh air and taking myself on a solo walk. It's so refreshing and very rejuvenating! 

4. Get dolled up and go to dinner: The best! There's something so fun about getting all cute for dinner. Whether you're going solo, on a date or with friends, go all out!

5. Try a new cocktail: Like number 2, step out of your comfort zone and order something new. Can you believe I've never had a lemon drop? That's the cocktail I'll be trying this month! 

6. Read a new book: I'm a book nerd so this is always on my list. If you need book recs, I'm your girl! 

7. Have a self-care day: Getting a mani and pedi, facial, haircut, massage the list goes on and on. There's a million ways to have a self-care day. Go do that! 

8. Try a new restaurant: This paired with number 5! Trying a new restaurant is on the list of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love trying new places and new food. 

9. Make a mood board: I'm a big mood board girl. I love looking for inspo and putting a mood board together whether it's for a photoshoot or creating looks for vacay. It's a fun, creative outlet and you can also use them as screensavers!

10. Take a fitness class: There are so many apps for fitness classes that make it so easy to try something new. One of my faves is the Mindbody app which has so many options to choose from such as yoga, pilates, kickboxing, etc. 


I hope you take some extra time for you this month and every month! Any others I missed or anything new you want to do? Comment below! 


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